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Hi ......My name is sandeep marwal s/o Sh. Harbans lal marwal.and i am belong to properly lalgarh jattan.By profession...I have done B.tech from Sriganganagar Engineering college, Sriganganagar.One day i thought Lalgarh jattan is a big and well developed village of Sriganganagar district. But not known in India. So...am deciding to make a website for this beautiful village. I have a dream to make my village a well-developed and most popular in the whole INDIA. And i know that days are not so far when my dream comes true. I am always disposal at my village where i born and for its people. My village has a brighten and ennoble future. I hope you will like this website. If you think that something should be changed, please without hesitate send me your comments and suggestion's regarding this website. You will be send me at Guestbook and via skmarwal@gmail.com

  • skmarwal@gmail.com , skmarwal@ymail.com
  • Skype: sandymarwal
  • +91 9667802090 ( Rajasthan )
  • +91 8010251391 ( Delhi )

Looking for a positive response from all people of Lalgarh jattan ...Thanks !!